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APM Steam to Offer Steam Trap Surveys to Colleges and Universities

American Plant Maintenance (APM Steam) recently announced the launch of steam trap survey services, which a news release reports can document the operational status of and provide repair recommendations for steam traps in a facility’s steam system. The survey can increase operational integrity, energy efficiency, and safety in a steam distribution system. The process creates a full inventory of steam traps, uncovers any issues that prevent the delivery of heat and removal of condensation, and can identify failing traps, according to the news release.

The surveys use ultrasound and temperature differentials to test and document the traps’ operational status. Evaluated elements include isolation valves, inlet strainers, strainer blowdown valves, outlet check valves, trap station bypasses, test valves, and sight glass flow indicators. It also evaluates safety features that allow technicians to perform maintenance without exposure to live steam flow.

The final data offers “a complete trap inventory and extensive system information in a detailed report outlining findings and recommendations, a synopsis of results, and a return-on-investment calculation that compares replacement costs with losses associated with failed traps. The report also includes trap application problems and specific recommendations for trap and trap station improvements,” according to the news release.

The survey also provides a return-on-investment calculation incorporating the cost of the survey, any necessary replacement steam traps, and the estimated cost of labor to install them. These costs are presented alongside the potential financial losses of traps found to be failing or leaking. Finally, it details trap application problems and any specific recommendations for trap and trap station improvements.

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