November/December 2019 spaces4learning

November/December 2019




IP Brings the Wow Factor To Educational Esports Programs

By Matt Allard

The technical requirements you need to know to start a K-12 or higher education esports program.

adaptive reuse

Adaptive Reuse for Education

Thinking Outside The Box: Adaptive Reuse For Education

By Ian Kilpatrick

There are countless opportunities to create new and innovative learning environments within existing buildings.

revitalizing historic facilities

Revitalizing Historic Facilities

By Scott Berman

Existing campus structures can be adapted to new life and new uses with a creative approach to restoring and modifying them from the ground up.



Campus Parking Trends

By Bill Smith

New technologies are available that are making campus parking more user-friendly and manageable, which is beneficial to operations and the bottom line.


adaptable educational space


Preparing Students for an Unpredictable Future

By Jolene Levin

Creating an adaptable space is only one component of the agile classroom. What we teach and how we teach are just as important.

transforming education


Elevating the Discussion On Transforming Education

Jim McGarry, EDmarket president and CEO, reflects on this year's EDspaces conference and gives us a glimpse into the future of educational facilities design and management.

Human Resources

Improving Teacher Recruitment for Early Childhood Education

By Brandy Sroga-Coons

Rushing to comply with teacher/child ratios at childcare centers could lead to mistakes. Instead, this director relies on a steady supply of substitute teachers.

reimagine AV

Emerging Technologies

Reimagine Education With AV

Editor's Note

We've Made A Few Changes

By David Nagel

Guest Viewpoint

Turnkey Renovation Solutions for A+ Aesthetics

By Jake Oberle

A few solutions to minimize renovation costs and support sustainablity goals.


Shanghai American School library

Building Blueprints

Fostering Creativity and Collaboration

By Aimee Eckmann, Steven Turckes

A new library transformed into a bright, energetic space to study and connect.

James Madison University D-Hall Dining Facilities

Facility Focus

James Madison University: D-Hall Dining Facilities