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Dallas Christian School Announces Completion of WeCreation Center

St. Philip’s School and Community Center in Dallas, Texas, recently celebrated a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its newly renovated WeCreation Center. The Center, designed by Jeffrey Hill, AIA, Director at SBLM Architects, consists of 3,000 square feet of flexible space available for collaborative nonprofits, business, individuals and more. The space can help serve as a “think tank,” according to a news release, for organizations that align with the school’s vision.

The project began in 2016 when St. Philip’s tasked Hill with the adaptive reuse of a building from the 1930s. It will now serve to increase academic opportunities for both the school and the surrounding community. The open-concept space was designed for adaptability and collaboration, featuring mobile furniture options that allow for the greatest possible reconfiguration of the space.

“It has been an incredibly gratifying experience to work hand-in-hand with St. Philip’s over the past five years, bringing a unique and engaging education model to this Dallas community,” said Hill. “We strived to bring this vision to life through thoughtful design that inspires students and community members to approach learning with a refreshed sense of excitement. We’re looking forward to witnessing the positive impact the center will have on the surrounding area.”

St. Philip’s serves more than 200 students in grades PreK–6 (ages 2–12), with plans to expand to seventh grade in 2022 and eighth grade in 2023. The school originally opened as an Episcopal Church in the 1940s before transitioning into daycare and education services.

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