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Malish Corp. Announces Resolution of Legal Proceedings

The Malish Corporation recently announced legal proceedings between itself and a former partner, Diamabrush LLC, have been resolved. According to a news release, the proceedings were filed in the federal court of Cleveland, Ohio, and involved patent infringement and unfair competition claims.

Malish, a leading provider of cleaning brushes and floor-care accessories, recently introduced the Diamond Devil Concrete & Terrazzo Restoration and Polishing System, which removes coatings from concrete floors, as well as prepares and polishes them to a fresh finish. The product is chemical-free and works with most standard floor machines, the news release reports.

The product’s 3+1 polishing process uses three tools, each featuring designed and angled blades, for use on concrete and terrazzo floors. The “+1” is an optional shine tool to provide gloss and clarity. Maintenance staff in a variety of industries can grind, hone, polish, and shine using the single product.

Similarly, the Mastic Demon can remove mastic, glue, paint, adhesive, thin-set, epoxy, and more from concrete floors.

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