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As the end of the calendar year (and the decade) draws near, the fall attendance numbers are in and many district leaders around the country are undertaking facilities and capacity reviews.

Facility Planning

3 Key Practices to Preparing and Sharing a Facilities Review

Using a geographic information system helps school and district leaders connect disparate data sources and present their conclusions to their boards and communities.

A $15 million project will convert much of the currently-named Frayser Plaza into Harmony Plaza, hosting the Memphis STEM Academy (MSA) for elementary students.

New School Construction

Memphis STEM School Taking Over as Shopping Center Anchor Tenant

A year from now a half-abandoned shopping center in Memphis will be adding a STEM school as its anchor tenant.


Spotlight On: Online Monitoring and Student Safety

In this interview, Richard Fuller, Executive Chairman of Impero Software, which provides online monitoring and classroom management software to schools, provides his take on using technology to support student safety.

Optimizing HVAC

Maintenance & Operations

The Simple Formula for Successful HVAC Optimization

Comprehensive scoping plus planning equals savings.

Cyber Security

Schools Must Call for Resiliency in the Face of Increasing Cyber Threats

For policymakers, educational institutions and their IT leaders, and even concerned parents, collaborative cybersecurity efforts should rally around the concept of resilience, or the ability to bounce back.

School Safety

Illinois Association of School Boards Votes Against Arming Teachers

Those opposing the proposal said that arming staff would not create a safer environment for students.  

Burial Grounds Found on Tampa School Property

A Florida school board recently discovered nearly 150 unmarked graves on the property of King High School in Tampa, Florida after receiving a tip.

Designing Faculty Spaces


The Time Is Now to Create High-Performing Faculty Spaces

Increasingly, leading institutions are recognizing that the time is now to focus on workspaces that allow their faculty members to perform research and other academic activities effectively while simultaneously nurturing meaningful relationships with their students.

Lunch Service

"Mood Boost" Lunch Program Teaches Kids How Food Impacts Mood

Chartwells K12, a K-12 foodservice provider, recently launched their “Mood Boost” program to help elementary and middle school students learn how the food they eat may impact their mood.


Spotlight on Infrastructure Investment

College and university administrators routinely keep their eyes on the market for capital investment in infrastructure for higher education institutions. What is the current outlook on and expectations for trends on this front?


Massachusetts SD Debuts Learning Studios in Three Schools

The Learning Studios offer elementary students collaborative, hands-on learning experiences with an emphasis on coding and computer science

At the heart of the school is the two-story media center, designed to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor space.


Reach for the Stars: Designing a STEM Elementary

De Soto ISD’s Katherine Johnson Technology Magnet Academy aims to spark curiosity at an early age through STEM education.

The new two-story, 68,000-square-foot building is estimated to cost $15 million. The school, designed and constructed by LAI Group, is expected to be finished by summer 2020.

New School Construction

Athenian Charter School Breaks Ground In Florida

The new two-story, 68,000-square-foot building is estimated to cost $15 million.

Facial recognition technology is more frequently being utilized in K-12 schools. But how exactly does facial recognition work?

School Safety

Q+A with a Facial Recognition Expert

We spoke to Mike Vance, Senior Director of Product Management at RealNetworks, the company behind SAFR K-12 to get a clearer picture of how their product can boost school safety.

Laboratory Design


Lab Design: Keeping People in Mind

A people-centered focus of the design of lab spaces can encourage engagement and place more emphasis on the purpose of the lab, leading to success for the institution.

New School Construction

New York STEAM Pre-K Center Begins Construction

The center will focus on early childhood STEAM education, offering a first of its kind in New York City.

Nebraska SD Scan Student Fingerprints for School Lunch

Elementary and middle school students in a Nebraska district now can pay for lunch with a touch of their finger instead of carrying a lunch card or remembering a PIN.