June 2016 School Planning & Management

June 2016

On the Cover

Student-Centered Designed space from the outside

Student-Centered Design

By Regan Shields Ives

Transforming educational space for the 21st-century student.


School Flooring

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Higher Marks for School Floors

By Brandon Biniker

Trends in cost-effective and sustainable flooring.

School Exterior: Kennedy-Curry Middle School

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Appearance Does Matter

By Scott Berman

Good exterior design can "celebrate" the school.

Special Section

student pulling gun out of backpack

Security Special Section

Beyond Your School's Lockdown Plan

By Ellen Kollie

You've Worked with Consultants, Staff and First Responders to Build a School Lockdown Plan. Now What?

Security Special Section

Reducing the Risks

Police Response to School Terrorism

Security Special Section

Innocent Targets

By Michael Dorn

When Terrorism Comes to School.

Parent watching child go through school security

Security Special Section

Mind The Gap

By Michael Dorn

The difference between perceived and actual school security.


Emerging Technology

Fail Fast, Fail Often (Fail Safe)

By Glenn Meeks

Learning how to celebrate failure is critical in today's world.

Reusing as a means to sustainability

Sustainable Schools

Making Old (Schools) New, Again

By John DiMenna

Reusing as a means to sustainability.

Editor's Note (The View From Here)

Achieving the Right Balance

By Deborah P. Moore

A Final Thought

Testing in Schools

By Paul Abramson

Not that kind of test, it's about your water.

Facility Planning

Child-Centered Learning

By Kerri Ranney

Educators are the key drivers.


Age specific school design of common area

Building Blueprints (Facilities In Focus)

Design For the Educational Journey

By John Gladden, Steven Herr

How classrooms respond to age-specific needs.


Louroe Aggression and Gunshot Detector

Case Histories (Real-World Solutions)

Better Security Solutions for a Safer School

Cree lighting in school parking lot

Case Histories (Real-World Solutions)

Lighting Upgrade Leads to Big Savings


Ask the Expert: Destratification Fans

Why Destratification Fans Make Sense for Schools

By Christian Avedon

Greener Carpet Cleaning Using Electrolyzed Water

By Allen P. Rathey

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