June 2018 College Planning & Management

College Planning & Management June 2018



Facilities (Campus Spaces)

9-to-5 Flooring

By Scott Berman

Campus administrative and office areas have requirements for flooring that differ from academic, residence hall, athletics, and other facilities. Here's what to consider for these working spaces.

adaptive reuse

Recycled Facilities

By Scott Berman

Creative adaptive reuse and retrofit projects are resulting in unique spaces for student living and learning.

campus cleaning

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

How Clean?

By Robert Kravitz

Meeting cleaning expectations on campus involves various factors, from personnel to products and even artificial intelligence.


Facilities (Campus Spaces)

Walls That Promote Learning

By Michael Fickes

Walls and ceilings have evolved from flat white panels into attractive interior design elements that contribute to educational quality.


Recruit & Retain (Niagara University)

Creating an Inclusive Campus

By Deborah T. Curtis

A welcoming campus environment can make a big difference.

Maintenance & Operations (Managing the Physical Plant)

How Do We Improve Sustainability?

Implement a Student Green Initiatives Fund!

By Bruce A. Meyer

Emerging Technology (Enhancing, Engaging, Connecting)

Learning Analytics

By David W. Dodd

Closing the loop between delivery and impact.

Editor's Note (The View From Here)

First Impressions

By Shannon O'Connor

The Sustainable Campus (Trends and Innovations)

An Award-Winning Barn

An energy-efficient barn is a winning project for UC Santa Cruz.


City Colleges of Chicago

Facility Focus (Medical and Healthcare Education)

City Colleges of Chicago: Malcolm X College and School of Health Sciences

Biola University

Facility Focus (Medical and Healthcare Education)

Biola University: The Alton and Lydia Lim Center for Science, Technology and Health



Case Histories (Real-World Solutions)

Daylighting Systems for Energy Efficiency


Case Histories (Real-World Solutions)

Renewable Energy Initiatives Enhance Campus


Hot Tips (Flooring Options)

How Rubber Flooring Impacts Costs

By Tasha Hughes

Ask the Expert (Custodial Equipment)

How have advances in technology impacted battery-powered cleaning equipment?

By Alex J. Wall