July/August 2019 College Planning & Management

College Planning & Management July/August 2019


structural integrity

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

Preserving Structural Integrity

By Brian D. Wentz

It is important to include a structural perspective of your facilities when considering the impact of deferred maintenance.

science lab

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

Science on Display

By Jinhee Lee, Ken Mohr

Creative design can solve the conflict between having an open research lab with natural light and views where passersby can see and be excited about the research being done and safeguarding sensitive or proprietary information.

trends at collegs and universities

Looking Forward

Trends In Education

A look at the near future for colleges and universities

By Amy Milshtein

Life's one constant is change and College Planning & Management is here for it. From the expansion of big data to plant-forward dining options, schools are adapting with the times. Here's a look at what's happening now and into the future. Is your school ready for what's next?

campus landscape

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

An Award-Winning Landscape

By Scott Berman

Duke University has won awards for its campus landscape features and design. Careful planning and thoughtful implementation are just two keys to the university's success.


View From the Industry

By Amy Milshtein

Look inside for commentary from experts in the field who share their perspective on trends in education and the effect those changes will have on various learning environments.


green dining

The Sustainable Campus (Trends and Innovations)

Award-Winning Green Dining at UVA

Editor's Note (The View From Here)

The Light Gets In

By Shannon O'Connor

AV technology

Emerging Technology (Enhancing, Engaging, Connecting)

AV Technology and Active Learning

Audiovisual components are becoming integral tools in active learning spaces.

Maintenance & Operations (Managing the Physical Plant)

Cleaning With Water

By Mike Watt

Taking a closer look at the pros and cons of chemical-free cleaning.


Carnegie Mellon University

Facility Focus (Libraries / Learning Commons)

Carnegie Mellon University: Sorrell's Engineering & Science Library Renovation

Boston Univeristy School of Medicine

Facility Focus (Libraries / Learning Commons)

Boston University School of Medicine: Alumni Medical Library

Suffolk County Community College

Facility Focus (Libraries / Learning Commons)

Suffolk County Community College: Learning Resource Center


Harvard University

Case Histories (Real-World Solutions)

A Solution for Leaky Ductwork

UC Riverside

Case Histories (Real-World Solutions)

University Improves Carpet Care


Hot Tips (Custodial Tools)

Tackle High Dusting With a Vacuum

By Marvin Mauer

Campus Safety

What are the elements of an emergency response plan?

By Vivian Marinelli