What's in the Adobe Studio?

  • Adobe Digital StudioThe Studio introduces itself by cantilevering through a new 16- by 32-foot opening in the existing lobby’s east wall and is visible from the entrance below.
  • A stainless-steel-clad Help Desk varies from standing- to seating- to wheelchair-height to accommodate various seating configurations and interactions. Power and data ports allow ad hoc work teams to “plug in” anywhere — and include drains for spilled coffee.
  • A Video Production Studio includes a horizon-less green screen, which simplifies replacement of backgrounds in live video, and sound-absorptive wall panels to minimize sound flutter.
  • An Audio Production Studio houses audio recording and editing equipment.
  • Seating varies, from stools to chairs and modular “living room” groups to on-floor lounge chairs. All are portable.
  • Technical provisions allow collaborators to share live screen images from multiple computers within the group or on public screens within the Studio.
  • The “Behance Wall,” a cluster of wallmounted monitors — one of only three in the country and the only one outside of Adobe’s headquarters — streams projects based on criteria entered by touchscreen within the Studio.
  • Three-inch-high access flooring throughout allows access to and easy reconfiguration of data and power wiring as the future placement and technology evolves.

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