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A Versatile Solution for Sanitation in Schools

GVC-18VACCleanliness and sanitation are top of mind for many facility managers, especially when the building’s occupants contain today’s youth. In addition to seasonal cleaning concerns relating to flu and then allergy season, there is a heightened focus on food allergens and the potential for contamination. When you start to think of all of the places where bacteria, mold, viruses and allergens can be, it feels a little daunting to think about where to start. It’s not a matter of whether the cleaning and sanitation should occur, but the best way to get it done.

Goodway’s new ETL Certified, GVC-18VAC is a portable and diverse solution to have in your janitorial lineup. The GVC-18VAC combines dry steam cleaning and an award-winning vacuum system to clean and sanitize almost any surface—whether it is a desk, a door handle, carpet or upholstery. It can be used in the classroom, locker rooms, lunchroom, gyms, anywhere safety and cleanliness is key. With bacteria, dust, mold and biological allergens being just a few reasons for sickness and poor indoor air quality, getting rid of those contaminants is a good start to making improvements to the environment.

Made for flexibility and ease, the two-in-one steam and vacuum system allows the user to find the ideal setting for any job, while also regulating the flow of hot water, maintaining the perfect moisture control level to effectively clean and sanitize. The environmentally-friendly GVC-18VAC provides quick and effective cleaning without any chemicals by utilizing steam pressure, minimizing water consumption at a high temperature. The high temperatures kill mold, bacteria and other microorganisms on contact. The built-in vacuum is equipped with an innovative UV-C germicidal light technology that kills collected bacteria before exhausting purified clean air.

Dry steam cleaning technology offers many benefits. Using as little as 5 percent moisture content, it can be applied in environments where the use of water is not acceptable or should be avoided. It provides a thorough and consistent deep cleaning that can reach small holes and crevices that are typically hard to access for cleaning. Additionally, no chemicals are used.

“Merging dry vapor steam and vacuum capabilities into one convenient tool for facility managers makes maintenance in a variety of situations much easier,” says Tim Kane, president of Goodway Technologies. “The GVC-18VAC offers the best of both worlds and is a simple, yet effective solution for maintenance professionals.”

Improving health of your school should be a priority—and easier to achieve. For more information on the GVC-18VAC or Goodway’s complete line of facility maintenance equipment, visit www.goodway.com or call 1-800-333-7467.

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