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Ensuring a Safe School Environment


Cyberlock served as a cost-effective way for The Southhampton School District to reduce the number of keys shared, and bring a new sense of safety and security to school life.

Southampton School District (SHSD) is nestled in the beach village of Southampton, New York. As part of the summer colony known as The Hamptons, it has a mix of middle-income neighborhoods, rural farms, and an affluent estate section. The village is anchored by the elementary, middle, and high schools which are at the very center of community activity.

Over the years SHSD had lost control of their mechanical master/sub-master key system. Problems associated with key-sharing were worrisome and there was constant concern about lost keys being used by unauthorized people. SHSD began searching for a solution that would circumvent lost key issues and give them more control at the door.

Randy Dobler, SHSD director of Facilities & Operations, says, “A number of manufacturers showed us their products. It was sheer luck that I stumbled upon a CyberLock ad in a trade magazine. We immediately saw CyberLock as a cost-effective alternative to what we had in place. Not only could we expand the system as needed but we could retrofit the locks in all our doors without hardwiring. We contacted other schools that were using CyberLock and received positive feedback.”

After a trial installation at SHSD offices they proceeded to install 221 CyberLock electronic cylinders in the elementary and middle schools and issued 249 smart keys to teachers and staff. Steve Phillips, SHSD maintenance supervisor, shares, “I’ve been very impressed with the ease of installation. It only takes three minutes to retrofit a lock with the CyberLock eCylinder. We are currently expanding the CyberLock system to the high school.

Dobler concludes, “Prior to CyberLock, we felt like everyone in town had keys to our schools. Now, each teacher and staff member carries their own smart key that is programmed to access that person’s workspaces. The key is valuable to staff so key sharing has ceased.

This article originally appeared in the June 2018 issue of School Planning & Management.

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