April/May 2019 School Planning & Management

School Planning & Management April/May 2019



Facilities (Learning Spaces)

My Roof's Got a Hole In it...

By Mike Raible, Andrew LaRowe

Each roof leak is an opportunity to fail. As always, planning for all possible alternatives in advance will pay dividends in the future.

learning environment

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

New Wine in Old Bottles

By Andrew LaRowe, Mike Raible

Imagine the opportunities that could be created in the learning environment if there were 50 or even a 100 points of light in each classroom that could be controlled individually or grouped in zones.

disaster response

Safety & Security (Prepare and Be Aware)

Planning Disaster Responses

By Michael Fickes

Many different kinds of disasters can strike your school. Are you prepared to respond?

Wallace School Iowa

Specifier's Report: Outfitting 21st-Century Educational Facilities

By Ellen Kollie

Here's what administrators have to say about specifying products that best serve the needs of the school or district.


Editor's Note (The View From Here)

Not a Lot of Coverage

By Jerry Enderle


performance space

Building Blueprints (Facilities in Focus)

Performance Space

By Aaron Ewert, Greg Estes

Trends in design with two contrasting approaches.

Special Section


Impact On Learning

Loveland Primary School

james blair

Impact On Learning

James Blair Middle School


Impact On Learning

Simsbury Public Schools


Impact On Learning

Positive Learning Spaces in Hamilton City School District

roxbury latin

Impact On Learning

Roxbury Latin School


johnson controls

Case Histories (Real-World Solutions)

Clinton Prairie Performs District-Wide Upgrades


Case Histories (Real-World Solutions)

Undulating Ceiling Helps Quiet Noisy Cafeteria


Hot Tips: Ergonomic Furniture

Free Time (and Space) Should Be A Priority

By Dietmar Lang

Comprehensive Evaluation of All Roof Components, Structures Recommended Before Making Decision to Reroof

By Thom Belgeri