August 2014 College Planning & Mangement

August 2014


campus environment

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

Campus as Place

By Yancey Fouché

Furman University has received recognition for its commitment to its campus environment, most recently as a model for arboreta in the Southeast and across the nation.

energy efficiency and savings

Business (Managing Higher Ed)

Pathways to Greatness

The challenges of energy efficiency and savings, along with other sustainability efforts, are being met through teamwork and innovation on the island campuses of The University of the Virgin Islands.

Safety and sustainability

Safety & Security (Prepare and Be Aware)

Secure & Sustainable

By Amy Milshtein

Achieving a balance between a facility's safety and sustainability begins in the design stages.

sustainability strategies

Greening the Desert

By Wendy Craft

Arizona State University Sun Devils' practical, integral sustainability strategies are transforming all aspects of their institution.

Green IT

Technology (Innovation for Education)

How Green Can IT Get?

By Mark Rowh

From e-recycling to the cloud and beyond, IT departments are becoming greener.

Energy Savings

Business Managing Higher Ed

Partnering for Energy Savings

By Ellen Kollie

A commitment to sustainability, combined with a public benefit corporation relationship, is allowing Nazareth College to reduce its carbon footprint.

Green Dining

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

Green Dining at Boston University

By Daniel Raih

Sustainable design expertise has delivered the first high-performance building on the campus of Boston University.

green space

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

Transforming the Landscape

By Scott Berman

Georgia's Mercer University has remade a green space into a transformative campus core.

Sustainability in Higher Education

Sustainability in Higher Education: Going Strong

By Mitch Thomashow, Anne Waple

Higher education has always been at the heart of innovative, committed, societally responsible change, and never has there been more and better ongoing evidence of this in sustainability.

Sustainable Agriculture

Business (Managing Higher Ed)

Growing the Farm

With a generous gift of land and greenhouses, Unity College is expanding its programs in sustainable agriculture.


Facilities (Managing Assets)

Safety for All

By Pieter van der Have

Equipment maintenance is a vital piece of the safety puzzle.

Trends in Green (Sustainable Innovations on Campus)

Building With Wood

By Joseph Mayo

It's time to take another look at wood use when designing sustainable facilities.

Recruit & Retain (Palo Alto University)

Making the Transition

By Helena Ting

Completing the degree becomes easier with the right programs in place.

Editor's Note (The View From Here)

Green Matters

By Deborah P. Moore

Safety & Security (Protecting Campus Resources)

The Window of Life

By Michael S. Dorn

Reacting correctly in an emergency benefits all involved.

Emerging Technology (Enhancing, Engaging, Connecting)

Human Resource Systems

By David W. Dodd

The future of administrative systems is here, and its name is Workday.


Keene State College: TDS Center

Facility Focus (LEED Platnum Facilities)

Keene State College: TDS Center

University of Baltimore: John & Frances Angelos Law Center

Facility Focus (LEED Platnum Facilities)

University of Baltimore: John & Frances Angelos Law Center



CaseHistory (Real-World Solutions)

Enhances School Interior

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