June 2017 School Planning & Management

June 2017

On the Cover

Modernizing Schools

Lessons Learned: Modernizing K-12 Facilities

By Kathleen Langan, Philip Artin

The impact of a modernized school can be transformative. An updated facility can enhance teacher recruitment, retention and commitment, and students reap benefits in behavior and heath, engagement and learning.


Preventing Sexual Assault at school

Safety & Security

Preventing Sexual Assault, Grooming and Child Molestation in Schools

By Michael S. Dorn

How Building Design Concepts and Smart Security Technology Can Help.

Acoustical Considerations

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Acoustical Considerations for 21st-Century K-12 Learning Environments

By Mark Lee, Lisa Sawin

Today's educational trends require sound acoustical design.

Arrival Sequence

Safety & Security

Changing the 'Arrival Sequence'

By Robin Whitehurst, Damon Luke Wilson

Architecture firm’s proposed design makes progressive school more secure.

energy rebates

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

High School Qualifies for Energy Rebates

By Ron Eck

Sidney High School also betters its energy efficiency.

school collaboration


Creating Successful Joint-Use Collaborations

By Mike Raible, Andrew LaRowe

Collaboration is the art and science of combining people's talents, skills, and knowledge to achieve a common goal.


Editor's Note (The View From Here)

New Schools, Old Schools, Safe Schools

By Jerry Enderle

Safety Practices

Maintenance & Operations

Don't Overlook Safety Practices in the Workplace

By John A. Bailey

Is your school division reactionary or proactive?

Sustainable Schools

Taking Ownership of Energy Usage

By Terry Taylor

Energy is controllable and manageable, so the opportunity for savings is large.

Emerging Technology

Bandwidth Overkill

By Glenn Meeks

It isn't the '90s anymore.

Washington Update Let’s Make a Deal: Appropriations and Other Policy Issues

By Fritz Edelstein

Lawmakers appear to be sending early signals of independence to the Trump administration on education budget issues.


Learning Studios and Classroom Design

Building Blueprints (Facilities in Focus)

Learning Studios and Classroom Design

By Terry Hoyle, Rob Winstead

When students become the masters of their own learning.


Campus Communications

Case Histories (Real-World Solutions)

Schools Enhance Campus Communications

Fred and Sara Machetanz Elementary School

Case Histories (Real-World Solutions)

A Colorful, Sustainable Journey


Ask the Expert: Purchasing and Procurement

To Bid Or Not To Bid: That Isn't the Question!

By Duff Erholtz

Hot Tips (Color Pavement Marking)

MMA vs. Thermoplastic

By Karen Dinitz

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