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Cleaning for COVID-19


COVID-19, Cleaning and Schools

School and campus administrators throughout North America are very concerned about coronavirus and its impact on their facilities, students, teachers and staff. And there is good reason.

Healthy Cleaning

Maintenance & operations

A Response to COVID-19: Cleaning for Health

As coronavirus concerns mount, what should administrators and cleaning professionals know?

A custodian cart in front of a white wall.

Healthy Schools

Combating Coronavirus: Resources on Cleaning and Sanitizing Schools

<em>Spaces4Learning</em> has several resources on best practices for cleaning and sanitizing schools and maintaining healthy schools during peak flu season, which can be applied to the coronavirus. Here you'll find our top articles and a webinar on the subject to help you combat the spread of coronavirus.

EV Charging Stations

energy efficiency

How EV Chargers Help Campus Energy Ecosystems Evolve

Electric vehicle chargers are much more than a plug-and-play upgrade to the old gas pump.

Schools In Focus Podcast logo and Todd Ferking, principal at DLR Group

Episode 2

Schools In Focus Podcast: 2020 Education Design Trends

In this episode, Todd Ferking of DLR Group talks about education design that is geared toward the future.

Autonomous Shuttle Vehicle


Autonomous Technology: Transforming the College Experience

Autonomous shuttles could make transportation around campus easier for students, instructors, staff and visitors.

North Carolina School of Science and Math Morganton Greenway


Master Planning the Outdoors: Spaces for the Life of a Campus

Some common strategies and parallel considerations are at play in all master planning for the outdoors. Each campus must first be approached on its own terms, free of predispositions on planning.

child distant learning on laptop

K-12 Remote Learning

Moving to K-12 Digital Learning Fast: Where to Start

As coronavirus changes life as we know it, these education experts offer advice on how to make the transition to online instruction.



To Push the Envelope on Sustainability, Push the Envelope

Architects continue to design buildings much the same way they always have; yet, a carbon-free future will require new practices, namely true, front-loaded integrative design.

parking payment stations at exit


Frictionless Parking: Promoting Campus Public Health During This Pandemic

Frictionless parking can promote public health by dramatically reducing the number of common touch-points within a garage or parking lot.

Stevenson High School dining hall

Building Blueprint

Attracting Students to Healthier Food Choices Through Dining Design

Healthy eating at school isn't just about changing the menu — it's also about the increasing significance of the student's dining experience.

University of Wisconsin–Whitewater Residence Hall

Facility Focus: Student Housing

University of Wisconsin–Whitewater Residence Hall

workers on lift cleaning windows

Building Envelopes

From Cradle to Grave: The Cost of a Building

When a system shows signs of failing, what is the most cost-effective course of action an owner should take? Does the owner replace the system or close the facility?

Editor's Note

Resources for Remote Learning

outdoor learning water play space

Learning Potential in the Outdoors

For students of all ages, carefully planned outdoor learning areas and features can become an integral component of education.

custodian cleaning wall

COVID-19 and The Custodial Training Component

Issues impacting the ability and training of cleaning contractors vary in different settings and situations. However, all of them must be overcome, and urgently, if we are going to get on top of the COVID-19 situation.

cleaning hand rails on staircase


Pandemic Response: Protecting Custodial Workers

Custodial workers must modify cleaning practices and behaviors to help reduce COVID-19 risks, not only for a building’s occupants, but especially for themselves.

Pathfinder Kindergarten Center: photo ©Chris Roberts, courtesy of DLR Group

Planning & Design

K-12 Design Trends to Watch in 2020

Just as Winston Churchill once said, “we shape our buildings and thereafter they shape us,” designers must consider how education environments of the next decade will shape student behavior.

Carl H. Lindner School of Business at the University of Cincinnati


Future-Oriented and Sustainable: Business Schools of the Future

How can good design contribute to better campus life? The opening of the Carl H. Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati unlocked a new view to the future.

Parking Guidance Systems


Simple Parking Guidance for Colleges and Universities

Parking guidance also offers tremendous administrative benefits to colleges and universities by keeping track of how their parking assets are being utilized.

Children using tools like a screwdriver to tinker with a robot on a table.


Design Trends Influencing STEM Education

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are crucial parts of today's curriculum. When it comes to maximizing learning outcomes, many schools focus on the equipment and technology available. However, design also has a significant impact.