Auditorium, Performaning Arts, and Music

Audience Systems outfitted the white box theater with custom all-white seating.


Unique Seating Solutions for School Theaters and Gyms

What brings a school community together more than a school theatre production or a home game? In order to accommodate spectators and audience members alike, seating must prioritize comfort and versatility.

Henry Sibley High School

Impact on Learning

Henry Sibley High School

Theatre Seats

Case Histories (Real-World Solutions)

Seats Highlight of Theatre Renovation

Wenger seating brings great comfort and an improved viewing experience to patrons and scholars at the Folger Shakespeare Library and Theatre.

Emerging Technology

Sound System Design and Commissioning

Use a model to make sure you will get the best results.

Two (Uses) Are Better Than One

Creating schools that are the center of our communities is one of the key factors in creating 21st century schools. As an amenity for all ages, performing arts facilities are able to actively engage the larger community and accordingly, good planning and design will help ensure that the school and community both can reap the benefits of their investment in these facilities.

More Than Just a Floor

Whatever the grade level or supplier, safety for budding dancers' joints and durability is paramount. Add affordability and versatility -- that is, a system that accommodates a range of movements, routines and dance genres -- and the right floor.

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